Cloakroom check & Personal Shopping

Cloakroom check

A brimful wardrobe - and yet nothing to wear
Have you already bought clothes, which then orphan in the wardrobe, because they fit into nothing?
The solution is therefore first sort, combine and supplement, then shop ........ because a well-arranged cabinet content is the whole styling.

Cloakroom checkper hour 100 Fr.

Personal shopping

Shopping without stress
Relaxed shopping with someone at your side who is looking for something you can only try on? Have you ever wanted that? No matter whether shopping is an annoying necessity or a pleasure, I accompany you and advise you on buying new clothes and suggest suitable clothing, shoes and accessories, taking into account your budget. Here, the design of a base garderobe or the selection of special favorite pieces can be the focus. By the way, I'll show you what is important when buying your wardrobe and what you should focus on, so you can quickly get a lot of security for your future purchases.

Personal shoppingper hour 100 Fr.