Company employee styling

How your employees appear ..........

Hit the tone........
Show tact.......
Shapes the image of your company!

Your employees are the business card of your company -in sales, -image service, -in dealing with customers

In most industries, there is a kind of "voluntary uniform." You know that? One has got used to the unspoken dresscode of the own companies and has correspondingly many gray or blue suits in the closet.

Whoever dresses too well is quickly excluded from the circle of colleagues - who dresses too negligently or casually is easily ridiculed.

Encourage the competent presence of their employees

With empathy, tact and discretion, I coache your employees in the areas of outfit, modern manners, businesse knigge, presentations, coming, small talk and customer friendliness.

Safe behavior is more in demand than ever: take advantage of Chill & Style and gain safety on every parket.

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