New styling

Do you also sometimes envy the stars and starlets? The hair fits perfectly, the make-up underlines the charisma and the clothes skilfully emphasize the chocolate side. For the perfect performance, however, you do not have to climb into the squad of celebrities. Perhaps you would also like to surprise your partner, promise a better chance at an interview or you have always wanted to try out a new style for her appearance. The reasons for a re-styling are manifold. A new hairstyle, new clothes or a perfect makeup can turn a person into a completely different person.

Let a professional advise you which colors fit their type and how you are perfectly positioned. With a completely new outfit, you also strengthen your self-confidence and have a completely different appearance.

Offer Costs
New Styling (Complete package color & style + personal shopping at cost) 6-8h from 700 Fr.

Supplement with wardrobe check / supplementary accompaniment Hairdresser visit / supplement Makeup workshop